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Jul 2, 2024 9:37:16 AM | Transforming Your Space With a Custom Designed Closet

Improve organization and maximize storage space with a custom designed closet

For many homeowners, closets may not be the first thought when improving their living space. But for those who want to improve their organization and maximize their space, a custom designed closet can be a true game-changer. 


A well-planned closet is more than just storage space for your clothes, it helps streamline your morning routine, reduces clutter and stress, and even has the potential to increase your home's resale value. 

Advantages of Custom Closet Design

A custom designed closet system offers some distinct advantages over basic reach-in closets or prefabricated units:

Maximize Your Space

With custom design, you can create a closet layout that puts every inch of your space to work – no more wasted corners, awkward juts, or underutilized areas. Building unique solutions into dead zones helps to fully capitalize on even the tightest closet footprint. Custom closets can features space-saving features like:


  • Angled shoe shelves
  • Sliding racks
  • Extending rods


This level of spatial customization is something that’s just not possible with standard, one-size-fits-all units.

Tailored Organization  

Custom closets allow you to incorporate specialty features for your exact wardrobe and needs. This could include built-in hampers or laundry sorters, dedicated racks for dresses/pants/shirts, adjustable grooming stations, and more to keep every item:


  • Categorized
  • Stored safely
  • Easy to locate


No more frustration searching for misplaced items or inadvertently crushing delicate items.

Display Your Style   

Unlike drab, standardized closets, customized closets allow you to put your personal stamp on your space. You can select preferred finishes, accents, moldings, and hardware to complement your home décor. Or for a more dramatic look, get creative with colors, patterns, and decorative touches for added visual interest. Custom options will allow you to design a closet that's as chic and trendy – or luxurious and refined – as you desire.


Quality Construction

Custom closet systems are typically built using premium materials like solid wood or thick laminates that stand up far better to years of use compared to cheaper, flimsier particle board units. Investment-grade hardware like premium hinges and soft-close undermount slides also ensure smooth, quiet operation over time. ProClosets come with lifetime warranties against defects in manufacturing.   

Increased Home Value  

The National Association of Home Builders estimates spending on closet renovations tends to have one of the highest return on investments for interior projects nationwide. Well-designed, professionally constructed closet systems can fetch up to a 100% cost recovery during resale while appealing to buyers seeking turnkey organization and luxury touches.


Preparing for Custom Closet Design

If you're interested in making the most of your closet space through a customized design, some thoughtful planning is key. Here are some important considerations you should consider before beginning your closet redesign journey:

Assess Current Usage   

Before diving into design specifics, take stock of how you currently use your closet space and what your ideal setup would entail. 


  • Do you have a vast collection of suits, dresses, or long garments that requires ample free-hanging space? 
  • Are you looking to prominently display your designer shoe or handbag collection? 
  • Do you prefer more shelving and drawers for folded clothing items like sweaters? 


Getting clear on how you realistically utilize your closet ensures the end design aligns with your true lifestyle needs.

Analyze Your Wardrobe   

In addition to assessing broader organizational needs, carefully evaluate the specific types and quantities of items you need to store, as well as how frequently you access them. Those with significant hanging requirements may want to incorporate a system with double or triple hanging rods, plus secure hang areas for delicate items. If you have an extensive folded clothing collection or off-season storage needs, adjustable shelving can maximize your storage potential. 


For those specialized wardrobe needs make note of any unique storage must-haves, like storing:


  • Golf clubs 
  • Luggage
  • Sewing supplies
  • Sports equipment

Incorporate Accessories  

Once you have the basics covered with hanging and shelving areas, it's time to think about organizational helpers and custom touches that will truly transform your closet into a dream closet. Built-in lighting makes everything easier to see and can showcase your wardrobe to full effect. 


Full-length mirrors allow you to do a final outfit check before rushing out the door. Portable rods give you a dedicated spot to plan your next day's outfit, and accessories like belt and accessory racks, jewelry trays, pull-out tie racks, and built-in ironing board compartments streamline your daily routine.

Don't Neglect the Extras

While visually appealing built-ins are a priority for most closet redesigns, don't neglect important extras like proper ventilation, lighting, and preventative moisture protection. Humid climates can cause mold, mildew, and other damage if closets aren't equipped with vapor-resistant materials, dehumidifiers, and have good air circulation. These types of environmental considerations could mean the difference between your custom closet holding up beautifully for decades or deteriorating prematurely.

Think Long-Term   

Because closet systems represent a meaningful investment intended to last for years, it's wise to not just plan for your current needs but to consider how your storage requirements may change over time. Building in flexibility with adjustable shelving and movable components allows you to readily shift the layout as your usage needs evolve. If you anticipate growing your family, you may need room for additional storage. Or if you envision downsizing or upsizing your home in the future, look for expandable units that can be easily contracted or extended.

Advantages of Custom Closets

As with any home improvement project, there are some potential advantages to be gained from designing your own custom closet spaces.


  • Maximum space utilization and efficiency
  • Tailored organization for your specific needs
  • Personalized aesthetic matches your style  
  • Premium materials stand up to wear and tear
  • Timeless look enhances home value
  • One-time solution lasts for years


The advantages of custom closet design tends to outweigh any potential drawbacks. However, proper planning and an understanding of realistic timelines and costs is essential for a smooth process.


Final words

Our closet design experts have years of experience helping homeowners maximize their storage potential through thoughtfully customized solutions. Their design consultants guide you through every step – evaluating your closet usage, wardrobe, spatial requirements, environmental considerations, and long-term vision. Then design a fully customized layout with specialized organizational features tailored precisely to your needs and style preferences.


Contact us today to schedule your design consultation and start creating your dream closet.

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Written By: Sam Hubbard